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Voluntary assistance to families whose loved ones need Search and Rescue in complex situations abroad

In memory of Yanai Rimon R.I.P

מי אנחנו

Our journey begins in November 2021, the days of the search for the late Yanai Rimon who fell during a trip to Mexico. The expansion of the search efforts made at the initiative of the family and with the help of many volunteers who were recruited, revealed the need to establish a voluntary rescue organization that could assist families in dealing with similar crises when their family member is in distress during trip abroad.
The 'Gvanim' association from Sderot volunteered to help establish and operate the organization. The association has thirty years of experience in helping people in situations of mental distress, risk, trauma and resilience against the background of security emergencies.
The 'Haverim Mehalzim' organization unites over 250 professionals with relevant experience (military and civilian) who have chosen to volunteer to help families in dealing with search and rescue situations. The organization operates on behalf of and at the invitation of the family at no cost and without business interest.
The organization offers the family a basket of support options during and after the event including: gathering information and building an updated situation picture for the family, verbal counseling and assistance in working with the media, recruiting and managing volunteers, assistance in recruiting and managing donations if necessary.

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